Sunday, February 19, 2006


The Daytona 500 is on today, so we are not watching the Olympics right now. Terran and I are Olympic junkies. The winter is by far our favorite, as a result of this we have not left the house this weekend, and during the evenings I have been busy watching, not blogging.

Right now I would love to be on a beach, or in a snug mountain cabin with a fire burning during a storm. I want to read, and read, and then read some more. Our library has a web site link that you can read book reviews and read lists of the reviewers favorite authors. I've been browsing that for the last little while, and now I want to be lost in a literary world of some type. I think that I might even be willing to give sci-fi a chance at this point.

One of the reviewers went on and on about Dean Koontz. I have only read a little bit of one of his books and it creeped me out so badly I don't know if I will ever pick one up again. A co-worker of mine drew my name for our Christmas gift exchange the first year I worked at the credit union. He knew I liked to read and bought me this book by Koontz, because it was on the best seller list. Very thoughtful and I was quite excited about a new author. The beginning wasn't too bad and I thought I would probably enjoy it. Then Koontz introduced a young newly married girl, ( I had only been married a little over six months), named Naomi. That was a little funny, because my name is not super common. About 10 pages after bringing Naomi into the story her husband killed her out of the blue. It was awful. I had nightmares for weeks. In lieu of that 10 pages or so, I don't think I'll ever read Koontz again.

I'm getting the creeps again even though it's been over 4 1/2 years. I think that I am going to fix myself a cup of creamy coffee, sit on the couch cuddled close to my husband, and get lost in Linda Chaiken's India.

I'll have to pretend it's snowing outside,


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I feel as though I have gone missing from the world of blogging. Our computer's power supply went out this weekend, and before that I have left blogging for the last thing on my things-to-do list. I have discovered that the last thing never gets done.

We had Kaia, our puppy, fixed a little over two weeks ago. That was quite an adventure. We take her to the vet, they cut her open, and then give her back to us with the instructions of not letting her run or play. How do you keep a six month old puppy from running and playing, especially when they feel good the next day? For a whole week we were constantly telling Kojo not to bite or chase Kaia, and telling Kaia not to run or jump at Kojo. Poor dogs, they were so confused. Kaia did get left outside three days after her surgery and when I got home her little belly was all swollen. I couldn't get a hold of the vet or animal hospital to ask if she could be bleeding inside or anything like that. After about an hour of worrying, I called one of Terran's co-workers wives who works for a vet. I wanted to cry on the phone while telling her I didn't know what to do about Kaia. She let me bring her over to be looked at. I had horrible images in my head of Kaia dying on me right then and there. Kaia has fully recovered, and today wreaked havok at the dog park. I'm so glad dogs only go through that once.

Terran, between working a lot of overtime, went to a hockey game in Denver. He watched the Avalanche play against the Vancouver Canucks. All you Canadians will be glad to know that the Canucks won with Terran cheering with Canadian pride from the bleachers. It turned out to be a fun game with a big fight, overtime, and a shoot out. I was a hockey widow that weekend, left at home to hold down the fort.

Every other Sunday Terran and I work with the one year olds at church. This weekend I went by myself since Terran was sick and needed rest. I wore a button down shirt that I normally wear with a little undershirt and leave the buttons part way undone. I didn't wear the undershirt Sunday and did up all the buttons. In the middle of class time, I was chasing a little run-away boy. Reaching for him, I suddenly felt my shirt tear open in back. I had a gaping hole the whole way down my back. Not only that, but as I was chuckling and looking down to find my coat, I realized my front buttons had come undone since getting to church. I was so glad at that point, service was still going and the only person around was my helper. She didn't have much to say. I think she may have been embarassed. She wasn't the only one by that point.