Friday, September 28, 2012

Cozy Little Nest

When we first moved into our apartment I felt like we had moved into a little nest. It is the highest apartment in the complex and is so small (780 sq. ft) after a house, that it felt quite cozy. Six months today we have been in our apartment and it has started to feel like our own place. At first when we moved in all of us, including the dogs, were hyper aware of everyone living around us. I was very conscious of intruding in others space and them in mine, but now we just wave and go on with our business.

The Living Room
 I have found out that not everyone just waves and goes on with their business. One day, while Terran was working out of state for 3 weeks, the downstairs neighbor waved and then asked me, " Are you living alone now? Did your man leave you?"  "No" I answered, quickly explaining that he was working out of town.  Yikes!

I can empty the dishwasher and put everything away while standing in one place.

There are several bright spots to our humble abode and one of those is a private deck. This has allowed the dogs to be outside and for me to leave the door open. Such a blessing!
Reading Corner

Watching the world below pass by.

The park just up the road is something else we've enjoyed about this place. Each evening the dogs and I go up there for some off leash time.
Kaia waiting for the stick to be thrown, while Kojo grazes on rabbit droppings.
As we in the coming weeks are getting ready to leave this little place for our own house here in Reno I see many ways that God has taken care of us these past months. This cozy nest is certainly at the top of the list.

Home is where the Heart Is,


Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Visitors

Summer is about many things; sunshine, sun burns, BBQ, long evenings, and visitors. Even though we are still adjusting to our new home city and finding our way around we had summer company. We had the joy of sharing some of our favorite things with members of both our families.
Terran's Mom, sister and nephew at our favorite breakfast place that served amazing artery hardening chocolate covered bacon with strawberries.
Kyz kept us all entertained while waiting for our meal.
Checking out the extreme sporting good store Scheels.

Tamara, Kyz and I trying our hand at an extreme sport. Terran and his Mom were right behind us.

Kyz impressing us all with his prowess at target shooting.

All You Can Eat Sushi
with my Mom and brother Ben.  

Waiting for you to come and visit,