Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In all it's glory. We've been pleased with how the Topsey Turvey has worked. The secret is lots and lots of water. If you don't have a lot of space this really is the way to go.  Posted by Picasa

Our growing watermelon; in the last two days it has tripled in size. It's amaing how these things take off once they start growing. Posted by Picasa

Someone's shy Posted by Picasa

A brewing summer storm Posted by Picasa

Here are our bikes after our REALLY muddy mt. biking ride. The bikes have been rained on the whole way home, so they are some what cleaner than they were to start with.  Posted by Picasa

Terran took this while hiking one weekend. This picture really appeals to me in some way I can't define.  Posted by Picasa

I'll try not to bother you all with too many dog pictures, but this one of Kojo on Mt. Sneffels is cool. Posted by Picasa

The most incredible view, on top of Mt.Sneffels, 4th of July. Posted by Picasa