Monday, December 17, 2007


The last week and a half I have had a cold, a pretty bad one that has worn me out. Last Thursday the door bell rang with a delivery lady holding this lovely bouquet. When she told us they were for me Terran and I couldn't figure out who they would be from, then I opened the get well card. My parents had sent me flowers to help me along the road of recovery. What a wonderful surprise on the worst day of the whole thing.
Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!!!!


Sunday, December 02, 2007


I feel like I haven’t done a real post for quite a while, though I’m not sure what a "real post" consists of. I guess it depends on what you like to read about other peoples lives. The past month went so quickly for T & I, it was incredibly full of a lot of big , busy things; including several road trips, lots of visiting and some running.

We started off by running a 3 mile race together that supported our local "Girl’s on the Run" program. I loved seeing those elementary girls there running their little hearts out and seeing their pride as they crossed the finish line. I think it’s great that they are teaching girls to set a goal and to meet it with hard work and training. I also think of the great health benefits they are going to have in their life starting to exercize at such a young age. T ran the race in under 24 minutes. I am so impressed with him running faster than an 8minute mile, it may be because I ran an 8:02 mile. The roughly 24 minute run put me in second place in my age group, so now I have a cool orange bag to carry books in and a red ribbon that says "Second Place". I was pretty happy, especially after I saw that the first place girl in my group ran the race in 18 or 19 minutes. A tad fast for me.

We also had a housewarming to go to for Tamara and Mark, T’s sister and hubby that afternoon. It was a fun, fun time visiting with them and their friends. Mark and Tamara are two of the most hospitible people that I know. I love going to their house, because I know how welcome we are and feel. If you ever get a chance to visit them I highly recommend taking the offer. You’ll have some good conversation, see some sweet kitties, and get to drink excellent wine and coffee. Thanks guys for a great afternnoon!!!

The next weekend we were off to Las Vegas with some family and friends for an airshow at Nellis Airforce Base. We had the joy of picking up T’s brother Arls from the airport, he was just returning from China. It was SO good to see him after 5 1/2 monthes.

Because Arl’s had been out of the country for several monthes and really wanted to go climbing on our minivacation T found a place outside of Vegas that we (I use "we" as a very general term,because it should be "they") could climb at.

The Three Amigos and the boulder that they beat. I was really proud of my 30 something hubby keeping right up with his young 20 somethng and alsmost 20 something brother. I have got quite a stud!

The area we were at is called Red Rock Canyons which is a beautiful nature area.Quite worth the 20 minute drive outside of Vegas. I laughed when I realized that this is the only picture of T & I from our trip. We spent time on the world famous Vegas strip and come home with a pic of us outside. I guess you can tell what holds our interest.

After we got home from Vegas it was almost time for us to start preparing for our trip to Washington to have Thanksgiving with my family and pick up a special something.
I was so glad to have the Holiday with my family. This was the first Thanksgiving we have had with them since we were married. It was a great visit, though very short at barely 48 hours.

Playing around at the Boeing Air Museum.

Every holiday has some kind of fiasco and I was the cause of ours. I started a fire with the marshmallow covered sweet potatoes in the oven. I thought they needed to be broiled to finish browning them. It was a pretty good one with flames filling the oven; my Dad had to be the hero and took them out for us. At least it was the only dish of food left in there and was the only casualty of a wonderful day.

Here is the "special something." Terran about a month ago bought this little 1963 Austin Healey Sprite over E-bay and my dad has been storing it for us after picking it up in Oregon.

We are very excited about our little 2 seater joy ride. It does run, but needs brakes and some other work. It wouldn’t be any fun if it didn’t need some TLC. T is hoping to have it on the road this spring for some cruising. I’m very excited for him/us, he’s wanted a classic car for along time.

Well, now I feel like I have written a real post and am feeling much better about my blog. Amazing how a little rambling can make you feel so much better.