Friday, August 31, 2007


I am excited as my family is here for almost a weeks visit. My mom, my brother Tim, and niece Kaitlyn drove down from Washington for a end of summer visit. I could not think of a better way to end summer and celebrate the Labor Day Weekend. :)
Kaitlyn was excited to see me and Uncle Terran, but it was nothing compared to her excitement to see the dogs. She and Kaia are best buddies, one following the other every where. You can't see Kaia in the picture, but Kaitlyn would blow the bubbles and Kaia would run after them trying to bite them. Quite cute!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Last night for my birthday (it is today, but we celebrated last night) my hubby made the most amazing dinner for me. He cooked all afternoon and evening for this dinner. He made stuffed sole, with a roasted onion in a bacon wrap, a cheese and herb bread, and a artichoke, grapefruit salad. I could not believe my eyes or my mouth. He used my Jamie Oliver cookbook for the dinner and then we had our annual chocolate peppermint cake for dessert. I love good food and love my darling man even more. Having both together was wonderful!!!!!
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Morning Harvest

I picked this entire bowl of beautiful red cherry tomatoes this morning. They aren't washed or sorted yet; just fresh from the vine.
Here is our garden this year. It has become a crazy jungle. The ground vines are cantaloupe, two tomato palnts in back ground (the large one is the cherry toms and is taller than my 5'2" height), behind the the toms is our watermelon. Please note that the tire is the tie off for the string holding the tomato plant up. It looks kind of junky, but has a valuable purpose.

Because the plants are so wild it's hard to see if the toms I'm picking are really ripe. These are waiting for the sun to help finish adding the last bit of blush they need to be ready eat.

Enjoying the harvest,
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Saturday, August 04, 2007


It’s a lovely, lovely cool Saturday morning (it rained last night) and I felt I should share about some of the fun we’ve been having in the sun. Actually I’m going to share about our mini vacation which was super and fairly cool too.
During one of my weeks off last month (Yes, I do mean July, if you can believe it. Time is flying.), Terran also took the week off and we went CAMPING. Hurray, hurray we got out of town and went to the mountains spending five days and four nights just the two of us, plus the dogs. We saw a total of 5 people out there and they were just passing through.

The Camp

I do not suggest forgetting the pump to blow up the air mattress with, especially when it is a queen size. T & I both spent quite a bit of time using up a large supply of our hot air to make sure we had a comfy bed to sleep on. You have to look through the car to see me blowing.
Our first night out we got barked at by a group of three coyotes on a hill across from camp. You have to look very carefully to see them. Terran was suprised that they would draw attention to themselves so close to us. We think the dogs upset them. Kojo and Kaia didn't know what to think.
Aah, snack time.
Kojo spent much of his time in camp trying to coax squirrels and chipmunks out of the trees. Poor guy, it didn't work. I personally wouldn't have shown my teeth so much if I had been him. You can't see it, but he is standing on a fallen log to get as high as he could.
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Camp Causalty

There always has to be some sort of injury when camping. Out poor tent was the one to suffer this time. We think one the dogs stepped on it and poked a couple holes. The bandaids did work and kept the rain out of the tent duing the afternoon showers.
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Terran took both these photos
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The Wilderness

On a hike we saw a gorgeous herd of Elk. It had several bulls and a couple of calves with their moms. I like this one the best. It shows how cute the calf is.
Dogs are like toddlers and are very difficult to capture in good photos together, because they are always moving. We got several great dog photos this trip. I am thrilled! Here's a very cute one.
The hills are alive with the Sound of Music
King and Queen of the Mountain. Kojo and Kaia are obsessed with climbing any rock formation and standing at the top. I think Terran and I are to blame, because we are always hiking and taking them with us, even when we have to lift them up little cliffs and such to make the summit.
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Home Sweet Home

Finally, a really good smore made with the toaster oven. The ones roasted over the fire didn't turn out to well.

There's no place like home to get a good sleep
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