Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How Our Garden Grows

This years' experiment. My parents sent us this Topsy Turvy, that is suppose to allow tomatoes grow up side down. They hang from the house or a fence filled with the dirt. Terran and I are excited to see how they work.  Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Columbine Posted by Picasa

A cute one. I've decided that small grass hoppers are pretty cute. Posted by Picasa

A wonderful bunch of spinach, that Kaia allowed to grow after a second planting.  Posted by Picasa

A baby Praying Mantis growing big and strong in my spinach.  Posted by Picasa

My garden helper. Kaia has made sure that she has either dug up everything or at least attempted to.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

sometimes it's better to just keep walking

Last evening on our nightly outing I decided to a walk the dogs on a river trail, in a neighboring subdivision. We were enjoying ourselves immensely, when I heard the rustle in the bushes. I told myself not to fret (I can be very paranoid of noises and such) and that it had to be some kids playing down by the water or playing hide and seek in the nearby bushes. No such luck, we (the dogs and I) walked around the bend and looking down I saw a large, full grown, man sitting in the water kind of struggling around while holding a branch (hence the noise in the bushes). It was just a little weird!!! I had to tell myself not to run, to keep walking quickly, and not look as freaked out as I felt. After we had gone past I wondered if he could have been hurt, but then thought, sometimes it is better to just keep walking.

I do need to clarify, since my mom will be reading this post at some point that the trail is next to the river and HOUSES. It's not some secluded, dark, creepy place. I could have looked into peoples kitchen windows if I chose to do so. Still the whole thing was a tad odd.

Walking the bizarre,


Monday, May 15, 2006

Five Years

As of Friday, May 12th I was Mrs. Terran Goodwin for five years. I cannot believe that much time has passed by. We had a lovely annivsary weekend even though I had a terrible snotty, nosed cold. I spent more of the weekend with a tissue to my nose than I did holding Terrans' hand. Friday after a quiet dinner spent with me wiping my nose; I went to bed. I felt bad about that, but Terran being the wonderful husband tucked me in telling me to feel better. Saturday I did feel a bit better, so we went to Aspen as planned. We spent the day wondering around looking at shops, going for a short nature walk, and ended the day with a delicious Italian dinner. It was such a wonderful day spent together. I loved every minute of it.

Still Loving Him,


Five Years and Loving It !!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My dream car, a Cobra. This is only one of the PRICEY cars that I like.  Posted by Picasa

Terran's dream car, a Firebird. All that is missing is black flames and of course, it would need to be a convertible. Posted by Picasa

How big can you go? Behind the truck is a trailer made from the bed of a truck. Pretty crazy!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

A rock formation in Utah. The Priest and Nuns Posted by Picasa

On the way from a fun filled day at the car show Posted by Picasa

Weekend fun

I've noticed that since I've been married my weekend interests are slowly changing; or maybe I should say broadening, and this is all because of my darling manly, man husband. Weekend before last we went to our third or fourth annual Moab, Utah classic car show, and I love it!! I never, never thought I would think, write, or utter those words in my life time. Before Terran, I would have scoffed at people who found classic cars interesting and labeled them insane for wasting large amounts of money on their frivolous hobby. I am almost ashamed after my pious attitude to admit that I have been converted to a classic car appreciator. I now admire the dedication that it takes to restore an old car and the artistic talent it takes to pick the paint, interior, and all the accessories. Especially since in my old age I will be working with my husband to restore his dream car. The biggest joke to me about my new interest is the cars I find NICE. I'll show Terran a car I like, he'll look at me asking if I know what the car is (I'm now sometimes able to recognize a make of the car), or how much it's worth, I usually don't. I have very expensive tastes (am I allowed to laugh here?) my range starts at 50,000. and goes clear up to 150,000. Who would have thought? I think this should be warning to Terran about what he interests me in (wink).

Speeding along,


Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter Pictures

The following are pictures of our incredible Easter Sunday. Most of Terran's family came for dinner at our place and after dinner we took a family hike with the dogs. It was a fun, fun time. I love spending Easter with family. It's such a great way to celebrate the freedom the Lord bought us on the cross.

We had spaghetti and meatballs with a strawberry spinach salad for dinner, a yummy, creamy tiramsu for dessert with espresso. I had a great time cooking, though I nearly spoiled it all by forgetting the garlic bread in the oven on broil, it got a little dark. I was just glad it didn't start on fire like I've had things do in the past.

Sorry it took so long to post the pictures. I've had to figure it out without my husband and computers can be challenging at times (once I did it, I coundn't figure out why it took so long), but the great thing is I did to it and now can post any time I want. Yippee for me


Easter dinner preperation. I love how messy cooking can be.  Posted by Picasa

The Goodwin's and Liebenthal's on Easter Sunday at our place  Posted by Picasa

On the way home Posted by Picasa

Kojo was amazing the climbing dog. He climbed all over the huge rocks with the boys. He then jumped down to where Alrs is and to the ground to finish his adventure.  Posted by Picasa

Terran and I on the Easter hike.  Posted by Picasa

Wes and Arls climbing on the hike we took on Easter Sunday.  Posted by Picasa