Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Opportune Moment

We have ribs about to go on the grill and potatoes roasting in the oven. Our house is fairly picked up (if the doorbell rang right now I wouldn't be scurrying to hide the mess) and homework is pretty much done. I don't think a better moment to write is going to come along in the next couple weeks.

The news on the bugs is we never saw a one on Kaia or in the house after my frantic cleaning. Thank goodness!!!!

Major count down for the last day of school this semester has begun around here. I have two weeks of classes left and then two final days and I'm finished for the summer. To say I am ready is an understatement. I am VERY, VERY ready to be on my own time again. I don't have a bunch of classes, but our life is a little busier this semester and hasn't had a good flow. Signs of summer break coming... a summer reading list under my math book, a couple races on the calender to train for, a vacation the end of May, and a garden tilled and waiting for more then just spinach and lettuce to be planted.

Times like this when I'm waiting for the end of something and to finish well is going to take time and work. I always think of Paul writing about running the good race. So much of the race is how we finish when we're tired and the end is almost in sight. I want to be a good runner whether in school or running some other race in life.

Sorry to go all serious. I guess it reflects my mindset right now.

Counting the days,