Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorado Memories

Favorite running spot in Fruita

Lunch with Greg


Re-enacted Christmas Picture


Sweet Aleah

Disco Dancers


Two little cuties

~ Sweethearts ~

We had such a lovely time visiting our old home state. Thank you all who added to our weekend!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love and Beauty

This past weekend I watched my brother in-law, Wesley, pledge himself in marriage to a beautiful girl that glowed in her love for him and the life they will be creating together.  I also saw my nephew’s adoration for his mother and how all else was eclipsed for him by her.

The Groom watching his Bride walk down the aisle 

"Her children will rise up and call her blessed"

The Beautiful Bride

Her laughter is like music

The exchange of rings

Her feet come running when called

Wes and Emily; two lives now one
She is patient and kind

Mr. and Mrs.

~ Love and Beauty ~

 Two very special types of love.


All the pictures of Tamara were taken by her three year old son, Kaiser, during the ceremony

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shake Your Tail Feathers

             Last year for our 10th anniversary Terran and I took a trip to Santa Fe, NM to celebrate. One of the first things we did was join a morning hike with some birders at a local bird sanctuary. We felt a bit silly raising our hands announcing to the group that we had never before birded, while most of the group had gone numerous times and were old hands at it. We set out with our borrowed binoculars and a more experienced birder as our guide. We made it several feet before spotting our first winged friend and the hunt was on from there.  We walked the trails looking for some movement in the sky or the sway of a branch to lead us to our prey while listening to our guide call out, “Who cooks for youuuu” mimicking the dove call that echoed around us. We were both hooked, but haven’t done much birding since then other then lamenting every time we can’t see a bird clearly, because we didn’t bring binoculars on our hike.

This past month that all changed!!! We took our first camping trip since our move to Reno a couple weekends ago and headed out to California about an hour and a half up the road. Sunday morning we woke to a bird that sang nonstop while we breakfasted. After coffee and eating we set out to find the little fellow. The Winter Wren was the first bird of a successful day spent peering through binoculars and snapping pictures of small dark objects that were hopping around in trees; hoping that one picture would come out clearly capturing the beauty of our avian friends.

Winter Wren Singing

Winter Wren Dancing


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zombie Dog

He is out to get you!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loch Leven Lakes

Terran has done quite a bit of traveling during our first three and a half months here. He is home now and we have been taking advantage of him being around and our lovely weather by getting out and hiking each weekend. Loch Leven Lakes has been one of the most beautiful places that we have hiked so far. It is in California about an hour or so down the road. It is a 4 mile hike up hill, but is so worth the work ending at a series of three lakes.

Lower Loch Leven Lake

My inner Washingtonian coming out.

Middle Loch Leven Lake

Duck Family

Looking down Middle Loch Leven Lake

Terran's find

High Loch Leven Lake

Sweeties In-love