Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love and Beauty

This past weekend I watched my brother in-law, Wesley, pledge himself in marriage to a beautiful girl that glowed in her love for him and the life they will be creating together.  I also saw my nephew’s adoration for his mother and how all else was eclipsed for him by her.

The Groom watching his Bride walk down the aisle 

"Her children will rise up and call her blessed"

The Beautiful Bride

Her laughter is like music

The exchange of rings

Her feet come running when called

Wes and Emily; two lives now one
She is patient and kind

Mr. and Mrs.

~ Love and Beauty ~

 Two very special types of love.


All the pictures of Tamara were taken by her three year old son, Kaiser, during the ceremony


lil said...

AWESOME pictures, progression and comments, Naomi!! Kaiser is here looking at them, too, and says "That's Mama!" with adoration in his voice. But then he says, "Mama got married"!

Naomi said...

Haha... that is so funny!!! It's cute how kids get a little confused about weddings. Lanae could be heard during the rehersal talking about "my wedding". :) See you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Naomi!! Beautiful pictures. Kaiser, with practice, will be an accomplished photographer. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

What a neat post, Naomi! It warms my heart and floods me with wonderful memories from Wes & Em's wedding day. It was a glorious day!


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