Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disarray and Life In Between Part 1

This post is going to be a little bit of catching up,

which is something I could do on lots and

lots of stuff. Thank you for all the well-wishes on

my history test. It went really, really well. I am

now studying for my last test and then SUMMER

BREAK. Yipee!!!!

One morning while we were in the middle of our first big melt (not that we get that much snow, but this year it all stuck around until the middle to end of January) I was in the shower thinking about my first real day of class when I felt IT. A drip of icy cold water fell on my head. I looked up and our ceiling was leaking cold, cold water on me.

When I rushed to call Terran, who was having a vacation weekend working with his dad logging,

a gush of water flowed from our office ceiling on to our printer.

This was the untimely beginning of our disarray and the fun that followed. We called someone after the weekend was over to come out and look at our house, scheduling them to fix it a few weeks later.

We couldn't use our office or our bathroom in the time that followed. I never knew how spoiled I was having a bathroom in our bedroom until it wasn't there. An en suite has become the standard for any house that we own.

Our office was completely empty for the time that followed, delaying taxes, and everything else that one uses an office for. One good thing is that I file in piles of paper and those were quite easy to transport to a different room.

Thankfully all things must come to an end and our house work ended on a beautiful, sunny day in March the middle of at the end of my spring break.

Silver Linings....

1. The men that worked on the house were careful of our things and not one cuss word the whole two weeks.

2. Terran was able to come home and break up the ice that was melting into our house. I have to add to this one, that I was able to get back off the roof by myself when I was trying to fix things on my own. A very BIG deal!

3. Our neighbors through their $10,000 worth of water damage were able to give us the name of a good company.

4. That we had a savings account to pay for this, because our insurance wouldn't have covered it, since it was in two different areas of the house.

5. That our water damage wasn't $10,000 worth.

6. A couple spots looked better after they were through, than when the orginal work was done.

Loving my bathroom,


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Have You Been Up To?

Lots and lots of things seem to be begging for attention right now and I would have a list as long as my arm if I were to answer my own question. I actually think the list would be longer than my arm, because it's not very long.

I am slowly working on a little life update, but have not finished it. I have had feelings of great shame when I think how long it's been since I've posted, especially since my Pastor told me to get busy and post. I decided to just do it and post.
The above photo shows what has been taking up a lot of my time the last little while and a great majority of it this last week. I have a history essay exam on Friday and have my work cut out for me. My last essay was on Ancient Greece and it was alive for me, thus it stayed in my memory for the test. This time it's on the Roman Republic, Roman Empire, and early Europe and I'm struggling. I don't know why, but it's not alive for me the way Greece was and it's taking a lot of extra effort to pound all the places and people into my mind. One consolation is that I LOVE this class and think in the end with a lot of mental elbow grease it'll come out ok.
Hitting the books again,