Sunday, June 17, 2007


Happy Father's Day !!!!!!!
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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Finally, here they are, pictures from Olympia of the World Class Hansen Family and One Goodwin. I am proud of myself, because I figured out how to retrieve the pictures myself. I am quite dense about the computer and any step forward is reason to celebrate. Though when Picasa decides to boycott a couple of adorable pictures by not letting me post them the celebration wanes slightly.

We spent a day at the beach having a blast and

Auntie Naomi and Kaitlyn

I love this picture of Salome and Kaitlyn
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My brother Tim and Kaitlyn feeding the birds.
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My Mom Spoiled me rotten by taking me to dinner at the
Space Needle in Seattle. We had the most beautiful day with
nary a cloud in the sky and good company.
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The Space Needle. We are dinner
at the very top. The elevator has windows
all around it making the ride up
is a little nerve racking
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My Mom put together a lovely tea party for just the Girls. It
was quite fun to dress up, eat little sandwiches, and drink tea
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Nisqually, a beautiful wet lands area that I have walked since
I was a little girl. While walking with my brothers Mt. Rainier
showed us her face.
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Monday, June 04, 2007


A month!!! Has it really been a month since I last wrote? I can't really claim the little up date about me visiting my fam was REAL post either, so I will be harsh on myself and admit to longer than a month. Oh, the shame, oh the shame. I have had such high hopes about staying on top of blogging of being a once a weeker or at least a twice a monther. The latter is a little more realistic. Especially for this time of year. :) But that does not seem to be happening. Today I am claiming as a new begining, a clean slate and from this moment forward I will blog (Hmm....we'll see). I love high hopes for the future.

I took many wonderful pictures in Washington that I am longing to share, but can't find where my darling husband put them on the computer. So, I'm afraid that you (if there are any readers left) will have to wait a little longer.

This again is going to be short. I need to head to bed soon and want to have time to read everyones blogs. :)

Catching up in cyber world,