Friday, April 13, 2012

All the Way to Reno

Moving in 7 weeks from the time it was a thought to having it be a reality is a bit of a shock for the system. We did it though and are now trying to find our footing in a new job, a new city, a new place we are calling home.

Terran found out about a job here in Reno NV at the end of January, applied by the first weekend of February and he took the job a few days after the interviewing the next week. We found ourselves packing, selling our house, quitting our jobs, me withdrawing from classes, saying good bye to dear friends and family and on the road to Reno by the end of March. It sounds like a decision made quickly and without thought, but we spent a lot of time in prayer and had so many things confirm to us that this was the move we were suppose to make.

Our house sold after three days on the market. We felt that was such a gift from the Lord and confirmation that our move was the right thing.

Packing the house. The poor dogs didn't know what to think of everything being dismantled and packed away.

Black Rock Desert on our way to Reno. A very boring part of the drive, especially after almost 10 hours on the road that day.

Unpacking the boxes that had only been packed the week before. We have a little 770 sq ft apartment to call home right now. Hopefully we will be buying in the next few months, but right now are quite cozy in our little space.

The view from our apartment kitchen window. The weather hasn't been the best to make it up to the mountains yet and we've been busy, but one day soon we'll go exploring, because we can hear them calling our names.

On the next great adventure,