Friday, November 16, 2007

Kaia's Blankey

Little kids aren't the only ones that need their special blanket. Kaia sleeps each night on this blanket in our room and on trips. It's so cute to watch her make it in the evening and then find her all curled up on it in the morning. If she could I think she would drag it around with her during the day.

Friday, November 02, 2007

2 MILES, 2000 FT. in 2 HOURS

Mt. Garfield is our desert mountain; standing 2000ft. above the valley with a 2 mile trail going up the side. It's very steep quite unlike any other trail I've hiked. Terran and I took a beautiful, cool Saturday morning a couple weeks ago & made the climb. It's something that locals can't help but do once in a while. There is even a running race up and down it in the Spring.

A little breathless, but we conquered the mount.

Trying not to let the unease show.

Kaia didn't like being that high in the least bit. Aside from being slightly cross eyed in the picture she had a panicked look on her face while we were on top. While...

Kojo the daredevil just had to see what was at the bottom.

The highlight of the hike was the wild horses we saw on the trail. They were absolutely gorgeous. We love how strong and healthy they looked.

The Horse Whisperer.

This guy looked a little sad we were leaving, or maybe he's just playing peekaboo.