Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Flop

I love cooking!! Usually what I try turns out ok, not always great, but pretty good. We are celebrating Thanksgiving Friday (tomorrow) with Terran's family, so today T & I went hiking, had yummy pork tenderloin for dinner, and I worked on a cake I asked to bring to our dinner.

I have been drooling over this cake since I saw it on the cover on Bon Appetit Magazine. It definitely is a cake that needs to be shared. What better occasion than a family dinner? None that I can think of until I made the cake. It's a good thing that someone else is bringing pies.

Here's what has been tempting me all month. It's a devil's food cake with chocolate ganache filling and white chocolate peppermint cream in the center. The outer frosting is marshmallow peppermint. It sounds sooo yummy to me. I know it's a bit of a Christmas cake, but Christmas is already such a sweet holiday and I really wanted to enjoy this.

This is my cake!!! Please don't laugh, because I might hear you and start crying.

I have no idea what happened. The whole cake fell apart and frosting billowed out of it.

The first idea was to cover it with the marshmellow frosting and call it good. It would take a lot of frosting to fix this and even then....?

Finally out of desperation I just tore the whole thing apart and...

made a trifle. Lets hope it tastes good. :)

Picking up the pieces,


Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Doings

Monday is always a busy day. It usually means lots of cooking, catching up from the weekend, and getting the week started. Here is what it took to get this week going.

Made applesauce for the first time ever today. It came out tasting wonderful, but really smooth. It's like eating apple pudding creamy, silky, and truthfully a little odd. Next time....

Made our favorite Beef Stroganoff. The best thing about this recipe is the taste and then how easy it is. Gotta love easy.

Walked the dogs farther than a mile for the first time in two weeks. It's so nice to be feeling better.

Asked my cousin for her address, so that I can mail the baby gift I've had for her since May. I thought I should get it to her before she has grandchildren.

Ate left over Chinese food and loved it.

Started thinking about Christmas baking. It's never too early to think about cookies and cakes. yum

Washed four loads of laundry and will put away six. Don't ask where the other two loads came from.

Here's to hoping that this small jumbled summery of my day wasn't too boring.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Little Cheer

I have been sick the last week. Yesterday was my first day waking without a fever and headache, which was marvelous. I actually got up and put some dishes in the dishwasher. My sweet Mom decided that I needed a little cheer. She sent these beautiful blooms to brighten my day and they really did.

Thanks Mom, you really blessed me. The house smells so fresh with the flowers too. It's nice to have something bright and beautiful to look at. I love you and your thoughtfulness!!!

Love, Naomi