Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Before Scotland

I thought that since so much time has elapsed since our return from the highlands of Scotland, I should do a little update on life right now. Time is flying by with a lot happening, though at the moment so I’m at a loss to remember it all.

Week before last, the father of the kids I watch was hit by a car while biking and had to have surgery on his leg. A steel rod was drilled through one of his bones, so that his break would heal. I can’t imagine the pain that would cause, as well as all the bruises one would have from being hit. A lady speeding and passing in a no passing lane hit him when he was turning around. It is a miracle that he is alive. Needless to say I worked a bunch of extra hours taking care of the kids while their mom went to work and spent extra time with Bob at the hospital. The sad thing was that they were supposed to have left for Hawaii last week and had to cancel.

I still got the scheduled time off for my family’s canceled trip and had my mom come for a few days last week. It was a wonderful time. We really enjoyed ourselves, going out for lunch, running around town, and spending a lot of time chatting. On Friday we went to lunch at the True Grit Restaurant in Ridgeway, Co. For you John Wayne fans, it’s the area where they filmed the movie True Grit. The Restaurant has all kinds of John Wayne memorabilia; it’s a fun place and great food.

I had a little adventure yesterday on my jog with the dogs. We were on our way home and I decided to take a different road that would make our jog a little longer. I was running down the street, when I heard a noise behind me. I turned to look, and saw a Rottweiler flying out from under a fence at my dogs and I. He lunged at our bigger dog Kojo, attacking ferociously. I started yelling at him to go home, while trying to pull my two dogs away. Really it was only one of my dogs, because Kaia, the little one, was trying to get away, while Kojo defended himself. I am so relieved that neither dog was hurt. I came home and called the police here in Fruita, and left a message with animal control to file a complaint.
I can’t believe someone would have a dog that aggressive and not make sure it couldn’t get out. I know that they know there’s a problem, because there were two bricks leaning on the outside of fence where the dog came from. I am so glad that my two friends and their babies weren’t with me today. To top it all off I am scared to death of Rottweilers. They are the only dogs I don’t like at all. I cleaned the house from top to bottom to work off my nerves after I was home.

Still trembling,