Thursday, May 18, 2006

sometimes it's better to just keep walking

Last evening on our nightly outing I decided to a walk the dogs on a river trail, in a neighboring subdivision. We were enjoying ourselves immensely, when I heard the rustle in the bushes. I told myself not to fret (I can be very paranoid of noises and such) and that it had to be some kids playing down by the water or playing hide and seek in the nearby bushes. No such luck, we (the dogs and I) walked around the bend and looking down I saw a large, full grown, man sitting in the water kind of struggling around while holding a branch (hence the noise in the bushes). It was just a little weird!!! I had to tell myself not to run, to keep walking quickly, and not look as freaked out as I felt. After we had gone past I wondered if he could have been hurt, but then thought, sometimes it is better to just keep walking.

I do need to clarify, since my mom will be reading this post at some point that the trail is next to the river and HOUSES. It's not some secluded, dark, creepy place. I could have looked into peoples kitchen windows if I chose to do so. Still the whole thing was a tad odd.

Walking the bizarre,



Anonymous said...

Hey there Sweetie! Thanks for making sure I knew you were walking in a safe place! I had to smile that you thought to add that. And yes, I am glad you just kept on walking. Hugs and much love, Mom

Lil Goodwin said...

Wow! that does sound weird. I thought you were going to say he was struggling because he was drowning, or something. Guess he wasn't yelling, so that couldn't be so. Maybe he was having a bath? HA!