Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter Pictures

The following are pictures of our incredible Easter Sunday. Most of Terran's family came for dinner at our place and after dinner we took a family hike with the dogs. It was a fun, fun time. I love spending Easter with family. It's such a great way to celebrate the freedom the Lord bought us on the cross.

We had spaghetti and meatballs with a strawberry spinach salad for dinner, a yummy, creamy tiramsu for dessert with espresso. I had a great time cooking, though I nearly spoiled it all by forgetting the garlic bread in the oven on broil, it got a little dark. I was just glad it didn't start on fire like I've had things do in the past.

Sorry it took so long to post the pictures. I've had to figure it out without my husband and computers can be challenging at times (once I did it, I coundn't figure out why it took so long), but the great thing is I did to it and now can post any time I want. Yippee for me


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heidi said...

great pictures...thanks for the update! your picture of the messy kitchen made me laugh because that's the part i hate the most about cooking...the mess! cool to see another perspective on it!