Thursday, May 11, 2006

Weekend fun

I've noticed that since I've been married my weekend interests are slowly changing; or maybe I should say broadening, and this is all because of my darling manly, man husband. Weekend before last we went to our third or fourth annual Moab, Utah classic car show, and I love it!! I never, never thought I would think, write, or utter those words in my life time. Before Terran, I would have scoffed at people who found classic cars interesting and labeled them insane for wasting large amounts of money on their frivolous hobby. I am almost ashamed after my pious attitude to admit that I have been converted to a classic car appreciator. I now admire the dedication that it takes to restore an old car and the artistic talent it takes to pick the paint, interior, and all the accessories. Especially since in my old age I will be working with my husband to restore his dream car. The biggest joke to me about my new interest is the cars I find NICE. I'll show Terran a car I like, he'll look at me asking if I know what the car is (I'm now sometimes able to recognize a make of the car), or how much it's worth, I usually don't. I have very expensive tastes (am I allowed to laugh here?) my range starts at 50,000. and goes clear up to 150,000. Who would have thought? I think this should be warning to Terran about what he interests me in (wink).

Speeding along,



GieserGazette said...

Naomi, I enjoyed seeing the pics. You'll have to come visit us in New Brunswick. My step father has a white Cobra with blue racing stripes that he built.

Naomi said...

Kerry, Thanks for the extra incentive to come visit your neck of the woods. I'm sure your step father has fun with his Cobra.