Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Wilderness

On a hike we saw a gorgeous herd of Elk. It had several bulls and a couple of calves with their moms. I like this one the best. It shows how cute the calf is.
Dogs are like toddlers and are very difficult to capture in good photos together, because they are always moving. We got several great dog photos this trip. I am thrilled! Here's a very cute one.
The hills are alive with the Sound of Music
King and Queen of the Mountain. Kojo and Kaia are obsessed with climbing any rock formation and standing at the top. I think Terran and I are to blame, because we are always hiking and taking them with us, even when we have to lift them up little cliffs and such to make the summit.
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lil said...

All these pictures of your camping trip are great!! I love that one of K&K on top of the rocks, just like cow, calves, and other animals!