Monday, December 17, 2007


The last week and a half I have had a cold, a pretty bad one that has worn me out. Last Thursday the door bell rang with a delivery lady holding this lovely bouquet. When she told us they were for me Terran and I couldn't figure out who they would be from, then I opened the get well card. My parents had sent me flowers to help me along the road of recovery. What a wonderful surprise on the worst day of the whole thing.
Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey, They had to be beautiful to come to you. Thank you for showing the arrangement to us. You are a special gift. Much love, Momasiguo

The Reitsma Family said...

Naomi those are gorgeous. How sweet. Okay, you have to tell me how you do the little collage things, I love it! Is it easy? Do you have to have a special program?

Mark and Tamara's said...

My doctor told me not to exercise untill I was in better shape. I told him not to bill me untill I paid him.

Get well soon,
From: Mark L. and Steven Wright