Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day

I have spent more time thinking about Veterans Day today than I ever have before. I've always been grateful to the men and women that have fought for this country, cried during war films, and read books telling of their daring deeds. But today as my brother is on a plane heading for Iraq, I'm humbled by those that would count the cost and go to a foreign country to fight for my freedom. Because of them I can each day get up and lead my life as I feel led not having to fear for my safety or fear a goverment that tries to dictate what I believe or where I put my faith.
What I see today is a little red head boy that I've played with and fought with all my life on a gray army plane going to continue the fight for me, just like he did when we were little and the neighborhood bully (yes, every neighborhood has a bully) would try to pick on us. Because of him, I feel like I have come to a better understanding of this day. It's no longer a date set aside for faceless soldiers fighting wars I don't remember, because my soldier has a face and this war I will remember.



Anonymous said...

Hello, Naomi, this is your aunt Judy - thank you so much for a lovingly written blog. You captured the meaning of perspective , having someone dear to you involved in any war brings the reality of it home.
I just discovered your blog today, through Jennifer's announcement about it. It is now saved in my favorites folder. I look forward to reading more. Love to both you and Terran

GieserGazette said...

Hi Naomi! So excited to see another blog. Nicely written. It's a nice way to stay current with family so far away!
Kerry & Warren
St. George, NB

Anonymous said...

Naomi, I am so proud of you. I know Jon is ready to do what he needs to do for us. He told me "Mom, you are not to worry. I am going to be okay. Whatever happens I am going to be okay." He's proud to do his duty.
I love you, Mom

lil said...

Awesome writing, Noms. Just read it today, and yes, I had tears in my eyes just like you did on Thanksgiving Day when you told us about it! We'll remember to pray for him, too.
Love, MOM G

Anonymous said...

Hello Naomi. This is your Aunt Marilyn (and Uncle Herman). So good to read something about you. We all get so disconnected living so far apart. This is an amazing way to keep in touch. Look forward to more.