Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who Set This Pace?

Do you ever feel that life is like a horse cart you're driving and suddenly it's speeding along with no horses to give it direction? And as you're racing along you realize that you have no brakes to set a slower pace with; all you can do is hang on and enjoy the ride? That is how I feel our life has been the last month and a half.

Now, my dear faithful readers (you are indeed faithful if you are still checking my blog after this long silence) I have to decide; do I give you a long drawn out account of our life, or do I just write a short, but sweet ditty about some little thing and call it good?

Gardening: Our garden has finally taken off the last few weeks and I'm loving it. We have found that our garden need LOTS of water to grow and thrive. For a while everything had hit a growing block, much to our disappointment. Then I had a laps of judgement, that in the end saved it all.
I was in a hurry to meet a friend for a walk and knew I wouldn't have time to water that evening when I got home, so I decided to set up the soaker hoses, saving myself some time. I got everything set up, turned on and left feeling quite good that I had figured out a way to do two things at once left. When I returned some hours later, I could only stare at our garden that along with a large part of the lawn looked like a fish pond. The next day the water had dried up and two days later you could actually see a difference in the plants. I think that we will have some watermelon at the end of the summer, lots of red peppers, and cucumbers. Now we water the garden every other day for fifteen minutes and all is well.
The Topsy Turvy's are working. We have one tomato so far and are hoping for more. Our biggest problem has been, we didn't realize that they need water everyday and so our plants got slightly dehydrated.

Dogs: The dogs have been taking up a huge amount of time. Actually Kaia, our 1 year old puppy has been taking up a huge amount of time. She decided that she was scared of the backyard (she'd sit by the back door and tremble all over when we put her out) and therefore had to dig out every time she was left. The digging was a pain to fix and incredible at the same time. She dug through one of our fence boards and half of a 4 by 4 post. I didn't know dogs could dig and chew their way through wood like that. She never ran away from home, she'd wait by the front door till we got home to let her back in the house.
Kaia also forgot what potty trained meant, because of her fear and we had to start all over on training. Finally after several weeks of re-training and a good carpet cleaning we're back to normal. I have wondered if her fear had anything to do with the x-large men's underwear we found shredded in the back yard. I guess we'll never know.

Outdoor Adventures: Summer is wonderful, because of all the great things you can do outside. We just love it!
4th of July we went and climbed Mt. Sneffles (elevation of 14'150 ft.) with the dogs. It was awesome, the hike was short and intense, with the most incredible views. The dogs went the whole way with us. They needed help climbing in several areas and LOTS of encouragement to climb up and down some ledges. They weren't the only ones that needed help or encouragement. :) While hiking we met up with a lady who is from Calgary and lives in Colorado with her American husband and family. We had the most awesome time talking to her about the Lord (Kristin is a Christian), other good hikes, and she shared part of her testimony about how God brought the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago, and her back together. I cried the whole time she shared it. I am so awed and humbled by how much the Lord loves us and how He truly directs our steps. Her story made Him so real to me. We've been calling Kristin our divine appoinment, because of how it all worked out.
Yesterday we lived on the wild side. We met up with a couple guys from Terran's work and went mountain biking in the rain and mud. It was pretty intense. We biked seven miles and at the end of it were complelty covered in mud. I don't remember being that dirty when I made mud pies as a child. The mud was so thick in someplaces that our bike tires wouldn't even turn. After I got over my some of my fear I had a blast. The dogs loved every moment of it and were just as dirty as we were.

Well... there is a long drawn out account of just some of the things we've been doing. I think now I'm going to go catch up on reading everyone elses blogs, and see what my husband wants to do this rainy Sunday morning. This is the first rainy weekend we've had all summer and it's been relaxing.

Trying to keep up with the cart,



Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie! No you never did get that dirty as a kid. I do remember some mudpacks, but they were very sparingly given. I love you clean or dirty. Hugs, Mom

lil said...

Really enjoyed your blog, Noms!! I guess it was a muddy weekend for four of my kids. I think Tamara is the only one that stayed dry in Durango! Hope to get some volleyball pictures posted so you can see those guys.
Love you. MOM

heidi said...

thanks for the more drawn out account. i really enjoyed it! where are the pictures of you 2 covered in mud?

Naomi said...


Can you believe that Terran talked me into leaving the camera at home before we left for biking? Not only, did we get completely drench in mud; we also saw a set of twin fawns along the road. Ah, well. Next time, eh?
I just read your blog and you are going to LOVE the Baby Bjorn. I use one with the little boy I watch and couldn't imagine being without it.