Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Valentine Mystery

An envelope arrived in the mail the other day with my name on it. I thought nothing of it as I opened the piece of mail address in unfamiliar writing, thinking it to be some junk mail or some such thing that frequently bombards our mailbox especially around any holiday. Inside was a valentine card wishing me a beautuful day, signed "Love, Chuck." Who in the world was CHUCK? I honestly can say at that moment I could think of no man that I know with that name, especially one that would send me a valentine. Terran was at just as much of a loss as I was about the whole thing; even after we looked up the address on the Internet to see the man's last name.
Terran took the card with his usual easy manner and I have to admit that this is not the first time I've received a valentine from some other person since we've been married. Some of the older gentlemen at the Credit Union would give me a card on occasion, expressing thanks for my service or some such thing
. It is a little awkward and not something I suggest for older gentlemen to give young ladies of their acquaintance. My first thought was some one from the Credit Union, but ruled it out after talking to the girls there and finding no one with his name in the system. By this time I was feeling a little spooked, because my name is not in the phonebook for it to be some random joke and I wanted to know who know me, that I don't remember knowing.
It turns out this person is someone from the Catholic Soup Kitchen I volunteered at last summer and fall. I found his name on a list while filing yesterday. I don't remember meeting him, but I'm guessing he must have sent everyone on the volunteer list a card whether he knows them or not. That is not a practice I would recommend. It's nice to know the persons who send you cards and wishes for beautiful days. His wish did come true, I had a really lovely, ordinary day.

Happy Valentines to all you love birds a day late and you know who this wish iscoming from,

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Bonnie and Cam Dowd said...

That has never happened to me before. I would be spooked out too!

lil said...

How in the world did Chuck get your mailing address, if your name's not in the phone book? He must have done some searching!
I got my card 'hand delivered' by a logging truck driver!! =) Totally unexpected, but so sweet!

Naomi said...

That is so cool that Dad sent you a card from camp. Very Special and Romantic!!!