Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Hike

Yesterday to celebrate Terran's birthday we hiked one of our favorite trails here in the valley. Crag Crest runs about 10 1/2 miles, long enough to challenge, but not completely exhaust. It was a great way to escape the heat, enjoy each others company, and celebrate God's creation.

Starting out.

A bit of beauty on the way.

This is one of our favorite spots. The trail opens up to a boulder field with a small grassy meadow, filled with wild flowers, and a flowing creek. It's lovely.

Local wild life, a Marmot.

The trail follows along the top of the crest a far you can see. It drops down the other side just over the peak covered with trees.

Happy Birthday most wonderful husband.

Some more wild life.

View from the crest, this is one reason we try to hike this each year.

Made it at last. See you later.


heidi said...

oh wow, is that wild columbine? your pics are gorgeous! makes me want to visit colorado again!

Anonymous said...

Dear One, It is so hard to be so far away, especially during those special days. THANK you for makillng your blog so "catching up like". You are a wonderful daughter and I am proud to be your mom. Hugs and much love, Mom

Seriously... said...

Seriously you guys, these pix are beautiful. Can we hike with you sometime?


Naomi said...

We would love to have you go with us sometime, Mark. We would really enjoy that. :)

Heidi, I wish you could have a seen a place we were at a couple weeks ago. The forest floor was carpeted with wild columbine. It was lovely. We had forgotten batteries for the camera that day and couldn't get a pic. :(