Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walking with Trinity

Ok, I know I said vacation photos were coming, and they are. I first had to share this last weekend and the time we had with Trinity. We spent Friday running errands with him tagging along with us and we had a blast grocery shopping, messing around the house, and fun stuff like that. Before we took him home we wanted to take him to an apple festival that was going on in town over the weekend. Well, the fun stuff ended just before we got there and the evening military music had started. (Not quite what we had in mind) At first we were really bummed, but leave it to an eleven year old to create his own fun and of course we had to join in.

Trinity and the apple on a string.

You can do it!!!

It's harder than it looks. :)

It's hard to believe that we have been spending time with Trinity for two years. He has really created a spot for himself in our hearts.


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ML said...

Hi Naomi,

Nice post on Trinity, the apple festival could have been fun, but it looks like you had fun anyway!
When you have time it would be nice to see pics of your trip, just when you have time.
Your "about me" picture looks good too!