Monday, October 20, 2008

Look Who Came to Visit....

Waiting for our special guest to arrive.

Country First! Go McCain and Palin!!!

Palin girls and Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr singing a little ditty about Alaska's Governor.

Sharing her views and making her promises; I hope that Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain get a chance to keep them.

Sarah on her way out. She impressed me as a really nice, direct person and very into her girls.
Hello Stacey and Nick. How fun you made into our picture. :)



Anonymous said...

Dear One, What fun to talk to you as we read your blog. I am so pleased for you. I've already told several friends about it. The son of daddy's friend Dave Hammond went to school with Palin's son. He(daddy's friend) told me she even fixed his son a grilled cheese sandwich. :) Hugs and much love, Mom

lil said...

Awesome pics!! Your camera did alot better since you were closer! I really like the one of Hank W. Jr, and the girls! We were so far off that my flash got lost in space, so my pics are dark, but you can see her in her red jacket! It was fun being there!!