Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't Give Up

I am going to blog again! Keep checking, because I will return soon. Summer is always a struggle for me. We get so busy living and I don't write about the things that we have been doing or are doing. It's a time when I don't want to just write about life, but want to be out there living life. Hope that makes sense..:)

Getting ready for a come back,



heidi said...


lil said...

Yep, that totally makes sense!! I hope you find the time betw. job and school to write!! I enjoy it very much!!

Anonymous said...

never give up. god put us here to over come and work hard. i have a half marathon i'm running next month onthe 12th. love dad.

dj kosmotronix said...

We're here waiting. When you're ready just c'mon in for coffee and pop tarts.