Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mountain Flowers

Over Memorial Day weekend Terran partially tore his MCL, a ligament in his knee. We were so bummed over this injury; because we had a weekend full of outside hiking and biking that he no longer could do (he won’t be able to do anything intense for about 6 weeks). The dr. told him to stay off it a week and he could then go back to work, after a couple of weeks he should start walking on it more. We took advantage of that piece of advice and went to the mountains yesterday to look at the wild Iris. There weren’t any blooming yet, but we found other lovely wild flowers, some fun for the dogs, and escaped the garden that needed a little more weeding.

Enjoying the day,



Anonymous said...

I was so glad to see a post from you!! I needed that. Boy, Kaia sure is a go getter for those sticks. I love you, Mom

lil said...

Good job, Kaia!! Nice flowers, too, Noms. Was that on your property?
The irises are blooming all the way up to the base!! We saw them this afternoon!!
Had a couple over that were new in church, and they're moving here from Alaska!! They were a bit south of Anchorage,and I don't remember the name of the town. They have two kids, 21 and 19, that will be here soon, but then go off to college! Very fun visiting with them!

Naomi said...

@ Mom G. No the pictures weren't taken on our property, but on Pinyon Mesa up on Glade Park. It is a favorite summer place for us to go walk around.

@ Mom, Kaia does go after those sticks. She is single minded when it comes to playing fetch. We might have to make a trip up there when you guys visit.