Monday, January 23, 2006

A Joke

Ok, this joke was going around my place of work and I found it funny. So... since I found it sooo hilarious I thought I would share it. Please beware that this is a PG-13 joke and I do not mean any offense, just laughter.

New Church

A married couple wanted to join a new church. The pasor told them, " We have special requirements for new parishioners. You must abstain from sex for one whole month."

The couple agreed and, after two-and-a-half weeks, returned to the Church. When the Pastor ushered them into his office, the wife was crying and the husband is obviously very depressed.

"You are back so soon...Is there a problem?" the pastor inquired.

"We are terrible ashamed to admit that we did not manage to abstain from sex for the required month," the man replied sadly.

The pastor asked him what happened.

"Well, the first week was difficult. However, we managed to abstain through sheer willpower. The second week was terrible, but with the use of prayer we managed to abstain. However, the third week was unbearable. We tried cold showers, prayer, reading from the Bible..anything to keep our minds off carnal thoughts. One afternoon, my wire reached for a can of and dropped it. When she bent over to pick it up, I was overcome with lust and had my way her right then and there," admitted the man, shame-facedly.

"You understand this means you will not be welcome in our church, stated the pasor.

"We know." said the young man, hanging his head, "We're not welcome at Home Depot either."

I hope that didn't offend your sensiblities and that you all are laughing or at least chuckling.



GieserGazette said...

Loved it! Thanks. Kerry

Jeff, Kristy & Hayley said...

That was great! That will make me giggle for a while:)

Jenn & Wade said...

That was good! Jenn

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. I laughed, then I thought"Wait a minute, I don't get it" lol Mom