Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Novel

OSMOSIS Chapter one:

I wish that the computer could do osmosis from my brain to my blog. You would have so much more to read if it did. I am constantly thinking of things to write, but it's while I'm out walking the dogs, vacuuming, or cooking; then the moment has passed and I'm out of time or thoughts.
So you, my readers, will have to settle for the few crumbs that come your way. Today I'm going to try and give you a whole slice of "bread of reading" with butter on top.


My birthday was August 12 and it was a truly wonderful day. For me the celebrating actually started on Friday the 11th with Micah (the little girl I care for) having a birthday party for me. She was so excited about the chocolate cupcakes we had to eat and sang the happy birthday to me in her cute little 2 year old voice with her mom. I will always hold that memory dear.
Terran surprised me with tickets to the Vail International Dance Festival. A night of watching ballroom dancing awaited us and it was incredible. I loved every minute of it!
We also ate the most amazing dinner. The whole thing was incredible, but for me my appetizer stole the show. I ordered cantelope and crab over lettuce with lemon dressing. My initial thought was, 'would it really be good?' My second thought was, 'I don't think I can eat all of it!' The plate was heaping and I knew that I still had my main dish coming. Let's just say that was not a problem. I polished the entire plate in record time and was very disappointed to see the bottom of my plate. I get hungry all over again just thinking about it.

VACATION chapter three:

Terran and I have been crazily running around getting ready for vacation that we will leave for in two weeks. On Friday the 29th we will be heading off to the great land of Scotland for two weeks. We are very excited about this trip, as you can imagine, and can't quite believe that it will really happen. My husband has been amazing in getting everything planned. He has a VERY detailed itinerary for us with each site we are going to see listed out, he has hotels we are staying in all booked and ready to take us on the appointed day. I have gotten to see a very different side of my husband. Around home I'm known as the planner, the person who takes care of things, making sure the bills are paid, that we have meals, that the dogs go to the vet, and all the other things that need to be done. It has been great to see him take the reins on this and run. He is a very talented planner. I look forward to sharing our adventures when we get home.

"YOU'RE COOL" chapter four:

Yesterday while fixing a bike tire for nine year old Trinity, Terran was told he's cool. Trinity is our new Junior Partner and we're his Senior Partners. Terran and I after talking and praying a lot have become youth mentors in a one-on-one program here in Colorado called Partners. It's the same idea as Big Brother, Big Sister programs. The kids in Partners have a higher risk of being in trouble or have been in trouble, because of circumstances in their life. Our job as a SP is to spend time with them each week, (a minimum of 3 hours a week for a year), allowing them to be kids and hopefully show them a different way of life than what they are living. We went through a long interview process and picked Trinity out of the kids that we were matched with. He is a great kid, all boy. When we are out playing he scares me a little bit, because he leaps and then looks. Trinity loves outdoor stuff and sports, but because he has no man in his life there is not much of a chance to do these things. He has really latched on to Terran. We are very excited to see what the next year holds for us with him.

MEEKER chapter five:

Last weekend was the Meeker Classic dog trials, which is a world wide acclaimed sheep herding challenge for Border Collies. We have gone the last four years, claiming it our favorite weekend of the year. Each year we have enjoyed it, though the second one we both got sunburned and didn't enjoy that as much. Terran, when he went back to work, was told people now knew what Canadian bacon looked like. It was quite painful. This year was perfect!!! We enjoyed all the runs the dogs made and after the dinner Saturday night we went to a mini-rodeo. What I love most about it is the community, the dogs handlers all know each other and we've sat next to the same person on Saturday for three years now. For us it's a great, great combination of outdoors, dogs, and people. I'll post some pictures later.


I would love to promise that I will for sure write once more before we leave for Scotland, but when I make these promises to myself or others I fail. So I'm not going to say anything along those lines. :) I'm off to rouse my husband and to see if he's ready to make me his special breakfast of pancakes and maybe take a hike with me in the late morning chill. We had our first frost last night. It's getting cold fast.



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heidi said...

i am so excited for you (and a teensy bit jealous) that you are leaving for scotland (our favourite country next to canada) in 2 DAYS!!!! please give my sister a big hug for me and know that i will eagerly be awaiting a blog full of pictures upon your arrival :)