Monday, January 26, 2009


Both Terran and I have always had some kind of hunting in our lives. For me it was trying to explain beaver carcasses in our garage to my friends from my Dad trapping during my early years, and watching him skin grouse from shooting trips later on.
Terran had a completely different experience. His Dad was a hunting guide during Terran's early years with his Mom cooking for the camp. Later on he would walk out his back door to get deer on their property, and enjoyed long trips with his Dad for sheep and elk.
During our second year of marriage we went on our first hunting trip together. It was cold, long, and successful with us getting a cow elk our last day, since then we have gone some years and not others. Some successful and others not depending on the time of year and our hunting luck. This past fall was a successful trip.

This is my view on most of our trips (quite a good one of you ask me). I follow the Master Hunter carrying our supplies and trying to staunch the flow of the 20,000 plus words I speak on a daily basis as a woman. Yep, hunting is hard work for a girl!!

After walking quite a while we see wild life. Not what we are after, but wild life all the same. Look closely, it's hard to spot.

We keep looking, being diligent to walk miles and miles over the three days it took us this season to find the elk we were looking for.


If you are hemophobic, doraphobic, belong to PETA, marched to save the whales, wear a t-shirt claiming the spotted owl is your cousin, or cried when Bambi's mom was killed please do not scroll down.

After our fruitless days of hunting we finally got a cow elk and worked together to get her skinned and ready to go to the butchers.

After moving all 322 lbs of our cow in only two trips using our special sled we were ready to eat.

Elk it's what's for dinner.

Proud to wear orange,



Jenn & Wade said...

HAHAHAHAA, I loved your warning part....yes the owl is my cousin! We very much enjoyed our elk roast the other night, thanks again!

The Reitsma Family said...

Naomi!! There is no one else like you :) You are so awesome! How fun to do the things you do with T. I really enjoyed this post.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the successful hunt! What is that little white animal in the 1st picture?

lil said...

Good blog, Naomi!! That's the first pictures I've seen of the elk we're eating.
I also loved the way you had us scroll down!! I was almost scared of what I'd see in the picture, but you left alot to the imagination!! Thanks!! :-)