Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Life of Thankfulness and Love

When the new year was upon us I decided I wanted this year to be one of conscious thankfulness. So often we miss little things and some big things to be thankful for, especially when life is busy or difficult. I didn't know the challenges that were coming when I decided this and the last little while has been a bit difficult. I have had to make a real conscious effort to be thankful in some moments.

I thought today as we celebrate love and our loved ones that I would share some of the things I have to be thankful in my life.

My husband, this man adds a great dimension of joy to my life

My nieces and nephews, who are very sweet.

Can't forget the wonderful four legged buddies that add a lot of laughter and cuteness to the days.

Lord, let me breathe deeply of the life You have given. May all the lovely blessings you have given me allow me to see Your love a little more clearly. I also ask that the trials and hard days teach me to rest in Your steadfast shelter. Let me not become blind to what You are teaching and desiring to do in the hard palces. Thank you for Your everlasting faithfulness. I am so grateful that You called me out of the darkeness by name.



monk:s said...

How beautiful a thankful heart is! I'm thankful for having the opportunity to be near such a beautiful you.

lil said...

Oh Naomi, that is lovely!! You are so good with words! You are a lady of integrity!! SO blessed to have you as a daughter! MOM

monk:s said...

True gratitude; beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Dear One, You are one I am thankful for. I am proud Father chose me to be your mom. Hugs, Mom