Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Crossed Lovers

All morning I've been watching this little sparrow and robin together. At first I thought that the sparrow was following the robin for the worms the robin would catch and maybe drop. Talking to my neighbor she told me that they have had a little romance going on all last week. After she told me that I saw the whole relationship with new eyes. Take a peak and see what I mean. (You might want to enlarge the pictures to see more details.)

"I'll take care of you, Sweet Wings and find a worm."

"Yep, you and me togther, that's the way its got to be."

"I will follow you wherever you may go."

Enjoying a Spring Romance,



Anonymous said...

Naomi!! How COOL is that!! Father truly gives us some wonderous things to see. Much love, Mom

lil said...

That is pretty cute!! Hope you had a good weekend with your fam!