Friday, June 05, 2009

The Constant Gardener

I look around in the garden I live in at all the other rose bushes beautiful and full of blooms of life. All so similar yet so unique, each carefully tended by the Gardener. I look at my own bush, bursting full of color and beauty, then I see a grafted branch and I waver, questioning it's need and the scars it's going to leave. I don't see this graft on many other bushes, yet the Gardener is carefully tending this spot on me. He coaxes life into this intruding branch that is so different from all the others. I see buds on it that look to hold a different color from all the blooms on my bush. I struggle within asking should I allow the sap of my life to continue in this area or should I cut it off, allowing it to wither. Then the Gardener comes applying balm to the tender spots of the graft, promising it will all be okay, that He knows the beauty that those tiny buds hold. To cut them off from life giving sap would destroy some of the greatest beauty on my bush. Though those flowers will burst into color with some pain and heartache it will be good, not just good , but the best that He has.
I look to the bush next to me, so closely entwined with mine that there are no longer two bushes, but one and wonder at the pain and joy this graft will bring him. The Gardner gently works the ground around the roots and asks for trust that though these buds will be so different from others, and looked upon at times as lacking or not quite right, they will the most fragrant.
How can the plant tell the Gardener “No”? When He knows what each bud holds, the weather that is coming, and sees the whole garden, not just the few bushes I do. How can I struggle against the Creator when He has promised “ All things work together for the good of those that love Him”? No, I must embrace the graft, even though I don't understand it and all that it may mean. Take the pain and joy it will bring and give Him the glory.



Anonymous said...

Naomi!! Thank You for you words. You are gifted. Much love, Mom

monk:s said...

The combination of sorrow and joy provide a beauty that no other experience can. You are blessed and made beautiful for allowing them to touch you - and what a kindness is the Gardner's balm.