Monday, June 15, 2009

Meeting Kaiser Simon

Last Monday we drove to Montrose to meet our newest nephew, Mark and Tamara's little one. We have been waiting and waiting to meet Kaiser and he was worth waiting for. Such a precious treasure.

Meeting Uncle Terran ( i love this picture)

Melting Auntie's heart (look at his red hair)

A sweet little bundle

Waving bye bye



Bonnie said...

I was wondering if he had red hair in some of the pics I saw! That's great! Nice pictures Naomi.

monk:s said...

Hi Terran and Naomi,

Thanks for coming to visit, it meant a lot to us for Kaiser to be blessed by you.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Dear One, Thank you for sharing the pictures. It'll be fun to meet him in person when Katie-bug and I drive down next month. YOU are a treasure. Much love, Mom

lil said...

Those are great pictures, Naomi, and yes, that one of Terran looking down at Kaiser is awesome. T looks so young :) and skinny in that pic.