Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Growing Memories

I was looking at my garden trying to decide where to start weeding (yes, I have so many weeds I need to pick a spot to start) this past week when I saw a little plant that is not a weed. It was a little watermelon plant tucked in among the onions growing quite happily. I was a little surprised at first, because we didn’t plant any watermelon this summer, but willing to accept the little guy. Then I started looking and watermelon plants were growing everywhere, under the tomato plants, next to the peppers, in the walk way, and with the weeds. How did this happen I wondered, looking around. We’ve never had a watermelon invasion before and I was stumped. Slowly it came back to me…a warm summer afternoon, people’s laughter, good natured teasing, and sweet juicy fruit.

My Mom and brother Ben came to stay at our house while Terran and I were on vacation in May and then stayed the next week with us. We had a lovely time with them and a watermelon seed spitting contest was part of the fun. We all lined up on the patio and spit the seeds into the garden as far as we could. None of us guessed that the seeds would germinate and grow into the baby plants that have claimed our garden as home.

These plants make me wonder what kind of seeds I plant in life. When the seeds I plant start to grow into plants and make themselves known do they bring a smile or frown? What kind of fruit do they bear? Sweet or tart?

Now these little watermelon plants probably won’t bear any physical fruit at all, because it’s late in the season, but they give me a smile every time I see them. Bringing me back the sweet memory of a time shared in laughter with family.



Anonymous said...

My Sweet Naomi, I needed to read your blog. Thank you!!! It was fun spitting the watermelon seeds. I think mine was the one in the onions. I never did get them very far. HUGS, Mom Oh, Jon said your corner with the tree looked real good.

lil said...

What a neat post, and lovely picture of the fam!! The dogs are being so good, too!1 Who took the pic, or did T set up the timer for it? I hope you DO get some watermelons, now!

Naomi said...

Mamma G. T set the camera up on the BBQ. :) It would be fun to get some watermelons. We'll see what happens in our weed patch :)

MOM, tell Jon thanks for noticing the tree. We're really pleased that our third effort of growing a tree is working. :) Finally!!!