Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 4th Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Ours was brimming full with three BBQ's starting Friday evening and continuing over the weekend. We also made time for a 9 mile run/bike ride with friends, pie making, and a day to ourselves.

Turkey Flats, one of the most lovely spots we go during the summer. It stays cool and green the whole season making it perfect for a run and some biking this past weekend.

Resting after my run. While Terran and his biking buddies regal each other with their memorable trail moments. Turkey Flats is one of those trails that leaves you with plenty of stories.
Terran holding the new little girl of a friends at the family BBQ. We've known this little ones dad since he was a preteen and are feeling our age a seeing him as a husband and father.

Terran and I on a walk on "our day". I'm so glad after the fun and busy weekend that we set aside some time just for ourselves. Kojo and Kaia also enjoyed the time out playing in the water and wrestling for sticks.
Enjoying the moments,


lil said...

Lovely pictures and a recap of your weekend!! Thanks for posting them!! MOM

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sweetie!! I am so glad you could finally post. I love it. You are the BEST!! Hugs, Mom