Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall's Arrival

Fall arrived this year with heat, our temperatures were in the high 80’s until the beginning of this month were they have slowly dropped to the 70’s we are experiencing now. I am so glad that summer didn’t leave us in a rush, taking her heat and sun with her. I wasn’t ready to see the end of summer this year, quite willing to keep the illusion of summer break even after school had started, through the heat. Yes, that is the reason I wasn’t ready to see summer leave, because it meant the start of school again. I so enjoy my classes and now that I am in them wouldn’t change what I’m doing, but struggled at the beginning giving up my days of freedom. I have to chuckle, because days of freedom for an adult are very different from children’s days of freedom. My freedom meant gardening, going through closets, canning, freezing meals, all those life details that are very nice to do without the pressure of homework and tests.

Thinking about this past summer along with life details it was dominated by three R’s. Reading, Running and Resting… each one is wonderful on its own and together, make for several lovely months of sunshine and fun. It is always interesting to me how at certain times different things dominate; there really is an ebb and flow to all things.

Now we are enjoying cooler mornings, midday hikes after homework and cool nights good for deep sleep.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey, It is so good to read your blog. You live, love life to the fullest. I love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Love your 3 R's I could live the rest of my life by the 3 R rule.

lil said...

Great pictures, Noms!! I think I know where they were taken, eh? I have been there with you, right?? ;)

Anonymous said...

i love this. and I can totally identify. just think..we are almost halfway through the semester...Crissy

Naomi said...

I know Dad all three are pretty great. I think I learned quite a bit about the three R's from watching you. :)

Crissy, I really can't believe that we are almost half way done with the semester. Begining next week I'll be in the last 6 weeks of classes. I can't believe it!