Monday, October 18, 2010

Slumber Party

We had a sleep over at our last weekend with our nephew Kaiser. It was his first sleep over and we had fun. He did such a great job being away from Mom and Dad, just playing and laughing the whole time. Such a delight to have a little person running around the place for an afternoon and evening.

While at our house the dogs and the dog crate were the favorite play things. I think the crate might have just had a slight edge over the bed owner.

Kaiser trying for the Great Escape on our hike, but Uncle Terran was just a little faster and caught him

Throwing sticks into the water for the dogs.

Kaiser was a big help to Uncle Terran pushing the stroller up the hill

Bugs are the best!

Tromping along like the big boy he is

Nothing like an after dinner milk

Nite-nite little buddy. Thank you for only getting Auntie out of bed during the night a few times. You did such a good job sleeping.

Auntie Naomi


lil said...

Naomi, those are the 'bestest' pictures EVER!! You sure did have fun with him, and I'm glad he enjoyed you folks as much as you enjoyed him!!

plantingpennies said...

Yay for pictures! You really captured some great shots. I love his carefree arms in the picture of him charging up the road ahead of you......I can just see him stomping in the dirt. And the photo of him with the bug.....just before the inevitable happened. :} Thank you for all the energy and love you put into that sleepover. It was a blessing for me, too.

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

My Sweet Girl!! What fun those pictures are. You and Terran are a good auntie and uncle. It makes me wish we were so much closer so Katie could enjoy you guys. I think though, the dogs would have won out over the dog house, with Kaitlyn. :) :) Hugs, Mom