Saturday, September 03, 2011

Garden Harvest

Our garden in exploding with color right now. This is what we picked this weekend and I think we will be picking more in a day or two. So much yummy, goodness right at our finger tips.

I can't wait to start eating on it all. Tonight we are going to crack open the melon and have some of the tomatoes on our elk burgers. The cherry tomatoes are going into a salad tomorrow for a BBQ at Terran's parents and Monday we will stuff the peppers with cheese and grill them. As for the rest of the fresh goodness I think some canning may be in my future. I love this time of year when all the work pays off from the planting, weeding, and watering.

Enjoying the bounty,



Taxi Driver said...

Hi Naomi,

Great post, nice to see all the delicious colors.

We went hiking in a bamboo forest last evening, at every turn Kaiser asked, "Mimi, Terran?"

Guess who he misses...

Mark L.

Naomi said...

I would so love to hike in a bamboo forest with Kaiser. He is missed too.
Thanks for commenting also. I hope work and the new life is treating you well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey! The question, "What did your garden grow?", is deffinately answered in your BEAUTIFUL pictures. They bare almost postcard perfect. I love you, Mom

mr.loser said...

Looks so good! Enjoy x