Saturday, February 04, 2012

2011 Pictures

This weekend is turning out to be one of those unique weekends for me, because I don’t have an over whelming amount of homework there feels to be an abundance of time. In that abundance of time I am accomplishing bunches of things that have been waiting for me, while not feeling rushed or stressed. This post is one of them. I have, since the beginning of the year, wanted to post a picture for each month, but between holiday travel, school starting early and weekend plans plus homework each week there haven't been many spare minutes. The spare minutes I have had I decided to devote to sleep in hopes to beat the first cold I have had in over a year. I did not feel getting sick during the first weeks of this year was an auspicious start, but now that I can breathe again life is looking up.

Now with great pleasure I present for those still checking this abandoned blog a peek into our life in 2011.

Like many people we started 2011 by stuffing ourselves with goodies.

We flew to San Diego in February to pick up a car Terran bought and enjoyed our day in the sun.

Lunch on the pier in the sun.

In March we got to show our property to some very special people. Our nephew Kaiser liked the dogs and water best.

We took a weekend in April to go to Santa Fe, NM to celebrate our up coming 10 year anniversary on May 12. (Tried bird watching for the first time and loved it.)

We also visited the folk art museum while there and saw some beautiful toys.

In May we cheered for our niece Aleah at her gymnastics competition.

I got a new toy in June.

Terran was baptised by our niece Lily when my family visited in August.

September rains doused us at a favorite event the Meeker Sheepdog Trails.

I got to run with our nephew Keagan, when he competed in a triathlon with his brother Kaden and cousin in October.

Terran built a long awaited shed in November (it is already packed with stuff).

Of course we couldn't spend all our time at home working.

In December we spent Christmas with my family and a couple days on the Oregon coast.

Babies can fly!

Oregon was stormy and beautiful.

Catching Up,


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Anonymous said...

Terran's initiation....oh,my!! I loved the pictures. I needed to hear your "voice". Thank you. I love you guys, Mom