Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Drive!!

Hi all, the "other half" here. If you remember, back in Nov. I bought a little Austin Healey Sprite. Well for the past few months I have been slowly getting her roadworthy.

This involved replacing all brake components front to back, as well as some rust removal and general "sprucing up" for a car that has sat for 5 years. The motor is in great shape though and runs well too. This past Saturday all new parts were in and Aaron, a friend from work, came over and we bled the brakes and clutch. Then, the moment of truth..................

Success!! After the first little run to warm up, it ran and drove great. Now for license and insurance.



Anonymous said...

Terran!!! It is so too cool you have the car going. It was fun to ba a part of getting it. I love you. Happy riding, Mom

The Reitsma Family said...

That's awesome you guys! I loved the video and it's always great to see you & Naomi I love hearing your voice :) Miss you.