Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green the New Vanilla

Noticed how a couple years ago or was it last year everything seemed to have vanilla as an added flavor? Vanilla Crunch Cereal, Vanilla Mints (I never understood those), Vanilla Milk and the list goes on. T. & I are always on the look out for the next "Vanilla", curious aboout what the next fad will be (before vanilla it was green tea and right now we think chocolate is it) and if it will taste good.
I have always loved the color blue. It’s been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Lately I’ve been going for green. I wouldn’t call it my favorite, but it’s becoming a close runner up. I have two green jackets, green sunglasses, several green shirts, green earrings, and a pair of green shoes. Anyway, you get the picture of the not quite my favorite color in my life.
While eating dinner the other night I opened an edtion of Bon Appetit Magazine looking for a cupcake recipe and there in bold letters it advertised being the Green Issue. Yep, the Green Issue and they aren’t talking about the food. As I stared at the word Green in bold letters I had a memory flash of all the Biggest Loser contestants wearing green shirts for "Green Week" on NBC, and what about the aricle I read several monthes ago in Runner’s World about the marathoner who reuses his nipple bandaids and carries his own water bottle to stay "green"; I can’t forget about the table at Barnes and Noble selling only "green books". What if green isn’t really kinda, sorta my new favorite color and it’s all a passing fad that I’ve fallen for?

Feeling green around the gills,



Anonymous said...

My Dearest Naomi, I havn't seen your blog as Dad and I were away for a few days. My thought is you need blue to make green. :) Soooooooooo, actually, I'm not sure what I am saying except blue is a large part of green. You are a delightful writer. Hugs, Mom


Hi Naomi,

I think it is interesting that we have both gone "political" in our blogs, especially with trends. I am working on the idea that the Olson sisters don't wear the clothes that they sell to girls at Wal-mart.

Thanks for writing,

ps Have you heard of "Green Buddhism"?

heidi said...

blue is also my favourite color, but i'd have to say that i have more green clothes than any other color! probably because my eyes are green and i'm big into matching ;)