Monday, March 10, 2008

Terran's New Career

Terran and I have been talking about him pursuing a different line of work. You know how it is when you have those "what if" conversations. While in Ireland Terran found, quite by accident, his new career. Here for your eyes only is a little peek into what the future holds for us.

Aah, very natural

GQ Pose

Wow, really working it now

Let me introduce you to America's Next Top Model, or is it Canada's?

On second thought, maybe he'll stay in aviation,


PS My Husband can be such a clown and I love it.


lil said...

That is great, Terran. Congrats! But Ireland is too far away. =(

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!! I think your husband would od VERY well as a top model. Like Lil said, Ireland is too far away. :) :) hugs and much love, Mom